about us

Our Story

With a passion for food LadyPaella began from a humble little cottage restaurant (2003) in the town of Kallista in between the Sherbrook forest in the Dandenong Ranges.

Genies cafe nurtured our introduction into the catering industry. Within that time we slowly branched out into catering and offered unique catering experiences.

With a South American, Spanish and French background, our experience in food has always been rich and colourful. Food is the essence of life and we try to bring that passion and love to our Paella. Our little restaurant sold in early April 2016. Closing down to concentrate on our private catering, markets and festivals.

We now provide onsite catering of Spanish Paella, tapas, churros and Sangria and have been doing so for 10 years.

What we do is work with your requirements. Alongside catering for lovers of Seafood, we can cater for Vegetarians and Vegans. We keep our old favourites also the Chicken and Chorizo, blokey Beef and Chicken and Rabbit.

All our paellas are Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Our Chicken is chemical free and our Rabbits are farmed.

We are continuously growing and changing, always aiming to get the best taste from our produce. Food is our life we would love to show you what amazing ideas and flavours we can come up with.


ladypaella began from a need to expand our business from a simple restaurant to a catering company. This has given us a great flexibility in lifestyle and a great chance to get out all over Victoria even Tassie, Sydney and Spain.

We are a fully registered catering company owned by Husband and wife duo Jessica and Paulo. We put all our passion into our food and always strive to get better and always find new things to cook. We believe that our food does all the talking the rest is all cosmetic and show. We worry about flavours taste, authenticity and sometimes creativity.


Our Core Values

‘Flavour , taste and authenticity before anything else”

Back to Normal.......

(Almost there)

12 weeks later and we are charting the unknown. The feeling of being part of a new normal, not just here but globally.  The very first in our industry to take the baby steps to regain what once was taken for granted.
The sounds of a busy market, the smells of foodies hard at work cooking creating and selling. Has this been lost for ever?
I personally hope not, and can’t wait to once again sell our products and to hug, kiss and shake the hands of our many friends and family at our beloved markets.
So here at Ladypaella we will see you again, be safe but be strong, be informed but not misinformed be aware but not scared and above all be kind.