Arroz Vegetal

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Vegan or Vegetarian Paella......

At Lady Paella we can cater for any dietary requirements. We offer a Vegetarian Paella options with lovely Vegies. We can have anything from artichokes to nice and big Eggplants which just soak in that Paella goodness. We have some Superfoods too, Kale, Lentils and spinach.
We cater for your wishes. If you have Vegans, we can cater for them too. No egg no Gluten no nuts and no fructose too. When making the booking speak to our wonderful chefs and what ever you need let us know.

Many, many times we hear the words “oh no not a Vegan one, I eat meat.”  Well let me tell you that the Vegan Paella we make combined with our Chilli is superb. The addition of the eggplant is what gives our Paella its rich texture and a depth of flavours. The Selected spices, the lentils and the layer upon layer of Vegies, from red cabbage and Celery and Kale bring this dish to another level. Sometimes you just don’t feel like meat and this dish hits the spot. So give it a try.

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