Paella Valenciana

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Traditional Paella

Traditional rice dish from Valencia includes Chicken, Rabbit, Saffron and Fresh Vegetables may include artichokes

The most traditional Paella from Spain. This is the oldest and greatest recipe which stretches back to the Moors. This traditional recipe is respected and held in reverence by Lady Paella.

The Valenciana is our favourite, in 2016 we won the 56th Concurso Internacional de Paella Valenciana de Sueca (Paella Competition in Tasmania) and had the privilege of Flying to Spain all expenses paid to compete with the Experts.

This traditional Paella brings back the rabbit in Australian catering. Soo many people remember as kids eating rabbit, and are really interested in trying our flavoursome chicken and rabbit mix. 
Check out our socials for when we cook up the Paella Valenciana with Rabbit. Sometimes we cook it at the Yering Station Farmers Market.

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