Ladypaella has restarted her engines and is firing up ...

Spanish Catering in Melbourne

Lady paella catering in Victoria

Ladypaella, (Spanish catering in Victoria) has opened its doors and has begun working in small essential markets. 

  • We are an Eastern (Victorian) Based Spanish Catering company and not affected by restrictions

This means we can start offering our services for small groups for now untill restrictions ease.
We are offering Catering packages that cater for small functions and with the easing of restrictions later on the year we can cater for Christmas work functions, and larger events.

We dont just provide paella catering in Victoria we also provide a full Spanish Tapas Menu. Check out our full menu and contact us with any information.

We are currently available at some small essential markets, and slowly getting back into our usual larger markets.
Check out our Socials for our whereabouts.

AMMENDMENT: (02/07/2020)

  • we are back to lockdown till the 29th July (well not us), stay safe and lets wait and see.
4th July 1628A Burwood Hwy, Belgrave

The crackling fire and warm atmosphere at #cognoscentiwine bar will be all the rage this weekend as we prepare to cook up hot Paella for their patrons both Saturday and Sunday. Book your table for this Winter feast Saturday 4-8pm, or Sunday Lunchtime or simply take home to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Lady Paella bring you a Chicken, Beef rib and Artichoke Paella special like no other and a Seafood Paella to marry with just the right wine!! Our invitation by #cognoscentiwine marks the final weekend of the #Belgravelanternfestival 2020 Reimagined-Public-Art Installation, Have you checked out the installations thus far?
Rug up and see you all there !!

July 2020

Cockatoo Country Market
4th July 75 Pakenham Road, Cockatoo 8:30am-1:30pm

We are happy to be part of the relaunch of the Cockatoo Country Market. Come along folks and enjoy the best of the areas local produce, and our Paella too. Remember to keep your distance and stay home if your sick and you know the rest.

July 2020

YarraGlen Racecourse
5th July Yarra Glen Racecourse 9am-2pm

Not totally what we are used to, but what is these days? We are seeing the beginnings of our market lives slowly coming back. Some great stall holders pioneering and battling on during these times. Come along and get some lunch or dinner. All takeaway at the moment. We are offering this week some Empanadas (beef pasties) All take home.



July 2020

YarraGlen Racecourse market

Whats happening on the Socials.....

Quarantine Recipes:

Here are some recipes straight from the ladypaella Vault. These are recipes that we enjoy at home,dont take to long to make and are full of flavour. Dont forget to check out our youtube channel with all our recipes and Subscribe.

Ladypaella Recipes

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

This dish is one of my favourites, but not for the faint hearted as it packs a punch full of ginger and garlic. The fusion of flavours is incredible and so healthy.

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Ladypaella Roast

Mediterranean Roast Vegetables

This dish is a staple at my house and the kids complain when they see me making it with ‘Oh no, more vegetables!’. However, once they are cooked, they fight over the last bits, especially the juice left at the bottom of the tray.

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Memories in Isolation

Countless years of running a catering company, taking bookings, searching for that perfect market or festival.  Providing Spanish Catering in Melbourne for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas functions and Schools. Even cooking for Paul Kelly, and the Hawthorn football Club when they won those premierships.

It seems as if we have cooked everywhere in Victoria. Lots of memories of beautiful sunsets and amazing locations and also Victorias crazy weather. 

We all hope to see everyone back at the markets and back to celebrating life. We will be back to work as soon as this Pandemic is done and dusted.  


Victorian Food industry

To our Foodie Friends.

After 15 years in the market and festival scene supplying Spanish Catering in Melbourne, and a further 12 years in restaurants we have never before experienced a complete shutdown of our industry.  If anything, we can all get perspective of how amazing our lives had been before the “Virus”.  

We are a resilient industry and very creative. We will hibernate but we all will be back once this is over, bigger and better. 

To all our Market Family’s out there be safe and hold on.