Ladypaella will be in Hiatus untill the COVID19 issue is over...

At ladypaella we wish you and your loved ones the best of health. stay safe over the next few months and we will be having a hell of a party once this is over.

Paella Line

Victorian Food industry

To our Foodie Friends.

After 15 years in the market and festival scene, and a further 12 years in restaurants we have never before experienced a complete shut down of our industry.  If anything, we can all get perspective of how amazing our lives had been before the “Virus”.  

We are a resilient industry and very creative. We will hibernate but we all will be back once this is over, bigger and better. 

To all our Market Family’s out there be safe and hold on.


Ladypaella recipes

Quarantine Time Recipes to boost your immunity



Mushroom and

Memories in Isolation

Countless years of running a catering company, taking bookings, searching for that perfect market or festival.  Cooking for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas functions and Schools. Even cooking for Paul Kelly, and the Hawthorn football Club when they won those premierships.

It seems as if we have cooked everywhere in Victoria. Lots of memories of beautiful sunsets and amazing locations and also Victorias crazy weather. 

We all hope to see everyone back at the markets and back to celebrating life. We will be back to work as soon as this Pandemic is done and dusted.  

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