Arroz de Pollo

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Chicken Paella

Spanish rice dish cooked with Chicken and Fresh Vegetables and can be served with Chorizo. Ok let’s get into the Chorizo debate. Chorizo in Paella is like putting mustard on your meat Pie. It’s just not cricket. If you go to Spain and ask for Chorizo in your Paella you might be lynched or kicked out just ask Jamie Oliver. 

……but I personally love a good Chorizo and let’s specify the word “Good”. There are plenty chorizos out there, and unfortunately many are very uninspiring. We use one of the better ones if not the best chorizo in Australia and I love it in Paella. I agree though, that a good Chorizo holds its own in a Tapas dish where it belongs and can be over powering in a Chicken dish. Saying that I love it in a Paella but that’s my naughty secret. 

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